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I got this error:

cannot access javax.el.ELContext
class file for javax.el.ELContext not found

I'm using Tomcat 6.0.20 and Mojarra JSF 1.2_13-b01-FCS. What class am I missing? Please help.

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Why don't you stick to one account? – BalusC Jan 14 '10 at 13:17
and also learn how to accept answers.. – Bozho Jan 15 '10 at 12:55

This class is present in the jsp-api.jar and el-api.jar. But it is included in Tomcat, so if you have added one of the two above jars on your classpath - remove them.

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Did not work for me. – Joe Essey Feb 7 '14 at 15:25

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