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I am sending emails with the mail gem, using the very simple code below. When I'm sending an email, the smtp_account.user_name and the smtp_account.from could be e.g. support@thebestcompany.com. This causes the recipient to see that he has received an email from support (you know, in his inbox where he can get an overview of his last x emails). How can I specify this, so the recipient gets to see something more interesting, like e.g. The Best Company?

require 'mail'

class SmtpMails

  def self.send_mails(smtp_account, to, subject, text)
    options = {
      :address              => smtp_account.address,
      :port                 => smtp_account.port,
      :domain               => smtp_account.domain,
      :user_name            => smtp_account.user_name,
      :password             => smtp_account.password,
      :authentication       => smtp_account.authentication,
      :enable_starttls_auto => smtp_account.enable_starttls_auto

    Mail.defaults do
      elivery_method :smtp, options

    mail = Mail.deliver do
      to to
      from smtp_account.from
      subject subject
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Try this.

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Hi Sami. I'm not sure this is the solution. The methods you've put in are being used to read emails, not write them. –  ChristofferJoergensen Aug 8 '13 at 9:37
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