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I am using Aloha Editor for my website. I am new to Aloha Edior. I want to add Font Size, Font Family & Text Color plugins to my editor. I got the plugins from this link:

I am not sure how to use these plugins. Please, if anyone is familiar with Aloha Editor, help me in using these plugins.

Thnks in Advance.

NOTE: I placed the plugin files in the 'plugin' folder of the editor. Like this:

aloha->plugins->fontsize (folder name)

aloha->plugins->fontfamily (folder name)

aloha->plugins->colorselector (folder name)

And also wrote the script code this way:

<script type="text/javascript" src="js/aloha/lib/aloha.js" 

I am getting the error in Console Log this way:

Uncaught Error: Script error- - require.js:1818

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If you have added your plugins in the common folder, then your aloha plugin list should read:

<script type="text/javascript" src="js/aloha/lib/aloha.js" 

Then you will need to do some buttons in your aloha-config.js

For example, here is a sample:

(function(window, undefined) {
    var Aloha = window.Aloha || (window.Aloha = {});

    Aloha.settings = {
        toolbar: {
            tabs: [
                    label: 'custom',
                    showOn: {
                        scope: 'Aloha.continuoustext'
                    components: [['increase', 'decrease','fontfamily']]

Check Aloha for a working example of a config file, then you should be able to work out how to have the above sample:

Once you have created your aloha-config.js file, make sure to include it on your page.

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