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I want to be able to re trigger the loading of an embedded admanager advert on the page after a user has clicked an ajax link on the page (effectively showing them a new page, so it's a genuine attempt to show another impression).

Preferably I want a solution that doesn't put adverts in an iFrame, uses jquery to perform the client side action.

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After digging around a bit my advise is: Do not try to do this. It probably is a violation of google TOS.

I you still want to try it. Here a few links for a starter (but most still use iframe solutions as anything else most surely is against the TOS).

AdSense and AJAX: Not a happy combination

How to advertise on a pure AJAX application?

I can't use Google Ads in an AJAX panel

How to fetch new ads after an AJAX action (no page reload)


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I agree with your advice, don't try to hack google! –  digiguru Nov 9 '10 at 21:41

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