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I'm a bit confused about the clusering with Scipy in Python. Here is my sourcecode:

import scipy.spatial.distance as dist
import numpy, scipy

dataMatrix = numpy.array(matrix)
distMatrix = dist.pdist(dataMatrix, 'euclidean')
distSquareMatrix = dist.squareform(distMatrix)

Y = scipy.cluster.hierarchy.linkage(distSquareMatrix, method='complete')

Do I have to use the 'distMatrix' or the squareform 'distSquareMatrix' as input for the clustering? Because I saw both methods in other posts. But the output is different. Now I'm not sure what I have to choose.

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You need to pass the distance matrix in condensed form without transforming it with squareform. The squareform function is useful if you want to manipulate the distance matrix yourself more easily as a 2D array. The scipy.cluster.hierarchy functions use the condensed form for the purpose of saving roughly a factor of two in memory.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks for your answer! That means I have to use 'distMatrix' in the linkage function... –  Joko Nov 12 '13 at 14:51

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