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I want to extract some elements from a xml file by multiple search condition using Python(2.7.5) ElementTree. the xml looks like:

   <src name="BdsBoot.c">
        <fn name="XXXXX" fn_cov="0" fn_total="1" cd_cov="0" cd_total="4">
           <probe line="113" kind="condition" event="full"/>
           <probe line="122" column="10" kind="condition" event="none" />
           <probe line="124" column="9" kind="condition" event="full" />

I want the probe elements which kind="condition" and event="full"

I have tried

root.findall(".//probe[@kind='condition' and @event='full']") —— error
root.findall(".//probe[@kind='condition'] and .//probe[@event='full']") —— nothing

I read the simple introduction here,it seems that elementtree does not support and operator now?

is there any way to achieve this goal?

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Use this one:



>>> s
'<src name="BdsBoot.c">\n        <fn name="XXXXX" fn_cov="0" fn_total="1" cd_cov="0" cd_total="4">\n           <probe line="113" kind="condition" event="full"/>\n           <probe line="122" column="10" kind="condition" event="none" />\n           <probe line="124" column="9" kind="condition" event="full" />\n        </fn>\n   </src>'
>>> root = ET.fromstring(s)
>>> root.findall('.//probe[@kind="condition"]')
[<Element 'probe' at 0x7f8a5146ce10>, <Element 'probe' at 0x7f8a5146ce50>, <Element 'probe' at 0x7f8a5146ce90>]
>>> root.findall('.//probe[@kind="condition"][@event="full"]')
[<Element 'probe' at 0x7f8a5146ce10>, <Element 'probe' at 0x7f8a5146ce90>]
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O.o..thank you!it works! –  ygg Aug 7 '13 at 8:20
I have a new problem,how to use '..' to access the parent node? –  ygg Aug 8 '13 at 4:30
You'd better post a new question. :( Because there is little info from your one sentence comment. I don't know how to answer. –  zhangyangyu Aug 8 '13 at 4:34
just same as above,if i get a 'probe' node,how do i access its parent node('fn')? –  ygg Aug 8 '13 at 4:43
".//probe[@kind='condition' and @event='full']/.."? I am not sure. Or there will find_parent? –  zhangyangyu Aug 8 '13 at 4:48

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