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I've been using a WAMP stack for a while now and have my projects organized in this way


Now I started to use Eclipse for PHP and have a workspace that's located in my C drive at


When I create new project in eclipse, a folder gets created for it at


Then on top of that I need to start using a local version control repository on my system. All this is getting me scratching my head. How do I use Eclipse + have my project files in their appropriate wamp directory (e.g. wamp/www/project1 so they can launched easily from within the browser like I normally do) all while keeping the project somewhere under SVN? This may be simple and I'm just not getting it, so a detailed slow answer for the stupid would be much appreciated here.

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You can simply specify wamp/www as your Eclipse workspace. Note that this will add a .metadata directory inside the workspace path, containing plugin settings and a lock file (to make sure other instances don't interfere with your workspace).

As for SVN, simply take a look at Subversive. There are others, such as Subclipse, but Subversive is in the Eclipse incubation and can be downloaded from the Galileo software site. For instructions on how to install it, see my answer to a related question.

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