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.I have created a runnable Jar using Eclipse. The IEDriverServer.exe is present in the Jar. I am treating IEDriverServer.exe as a resource for the project.

The below line of code

System.setProperty("webdriver.ie.driver", "C:/Folder1/RunnableJar.jar/IEDriverServer.exe");

throws Driver executable doesn't exist in the following path.

I have put IEDriverServer.exe in the bin folder of the project. I am using the below line of code to get the path of IEDriver that is present in the bin folder.

                .getLocation().getPath() + "/IEDriverServer.exe";

If I am running the code from Eclipse then the path is the path to the IEDriverServer present in the bin folder. If I am exporting the project as a runnable Jar then the path is as shown below


If I am running it from the eclipse it works fine.

It throws the exception if I am running it as jar.

I would like to know the way to set IEDriverServer.exe property from within the Runnable jar.

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Extract the Exe-File to a temporary directory and run it from there... – AKDADEVIL Aug 7 '13 at 8:56
@AKDADEVIL Why do I need to extract the Jar? I just want to run it. And use the IEDriverServer.exe present in the Jar. – Code Enthusiastic Aug 7 '13 at 10:27
Fine, if you find a way to run an EXE-File directly from within a ZIP-File under Windows, be my guest and explain it here... – AKDADEVIL Aug 7 '13 at 10:33
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You can't run exe file directly from jar. You can only write a method that would be extract your exe to a temporary folder and then set your System.setProperty to that path value.

You can find some code example there

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It seems there is no way to run exe directly from a Jar on Windows Platform.

As mentioned in one of the answers, the best way is to extract the exe from the jar to a temporary directory and set the property path to that directory.

The following links may help others with the same issue.




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