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I am new to JavaScript and trying to get my head around inheritance when I have a constructor that takes parameters.

Suppose I have a base object called Base:

function Base(param1, param2) {
   // Constructor for Base that does something with params

I want another object, for example called BaseChild which inherits from Base and then another object called Child which inherits from BaseChild.

How would I go about creating the constructors for BaseChild and Child using basic JavaScript (i.e. no special plug-ins)?.


I thought you might be able create BaseChild as follows:

var BaseChild = new Base(param1, param2);

But I don't have the values for param1 or param2 in BaseChild, only in Child. I hope this makes sense!.

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// define the Base Class
function Base() {
   // your awesome code here

// define the BaseChild class
function BaseChild() {
  // Call the parent constructor;

// define the Child class
function Child() {
  // Call the parent constructor;

// inherit Base
BaseChild.prototype = new Base();

// correct the constructor pointer because it points to Base
BaseChild.prototype.constructor = BaseChild;

// inherit BaseChild
Child.prototype = new BaseChild();

// correct the constructor pointer because it points to BaseChild
Child.prototype.constructor = BaseChild;

alternative approach using Object.create

BaseChild.prototype = Object.create(Base.prototype);
Child.prototype = Object.create(BaseChild.prototype);
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