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I have certain queries regarding iOS in-app purchase refund policy:

  1. What Happens if a user who have purchased an auto-renewal subscription from an app and asks Apple for refund?

  2. If Apple refunds the user, does the auto-renewal subscription remain active till the duration he have previously purchased it for? or it cancels out immediately.

  3. How does the application people know that some guy has asked for refund from their subscriptions?

Please help

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I would recommend you to see WWDC 2012 video 308 "Managing subscriptions with In-App purchase". They talk about it starting at 13:30. Anyway,

  1. If you talk about customer's money - I don't know. And I would like to know too.

  2. After refunding, if you send receipt to Apple server for verifying, you'll get 21006 status, even if expire_date is still in future. If the subscription was refunded, you'll get additional cancellation_date entry in received JSON, which stands for time and date, when subscription was refunded (cancelled).

  3. You don't receive any special signal about refunding. But you can periodically verify receipt and check received JSON object: if there is value for cancellation_date key, then subscription is cancelled.

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customer gets his 100% money after refund. –  Vaibhav Saran Jun 5 '14 at 10:57

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