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I want to set the height of a <p></p> tag. Many suggest setting line-height or margin, but this won't suffice, as I want the p-tag to be as a percentage of the containig div. Actually, I want to vertically distribute the p-tags across the height. If I get them all to the same size, I can do this with vertical-align and display: table and display: table-cell


I know the number of <p></p> tags.

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can you visually show what you are trying to achieve? – acudars Aug 7 '13 at 9:47
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<p height="int%">lala </p>

that will set the height of the line of text as a percentage of the containg div I believe if not <div height="int%" > <p> lalal </p> </div> Then set the padding to work. Will work. If you want the font to be stretched then I think you will need a new font.

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Width and height are supposed to be used with div only. Just change your

to You may also need to set a min-height depending the surrounding mark-up, CSS.

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