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I am experiencing a baseUrl issue, I get a 404 error, telling me root-app/js/module.js is not found. Here's how it comes

First, I call

<script data-main="js/main" src="js/lib/requireJs/require.js"></script>

then in js/main.js, I have (for testing mean)

    paths: {
        upload: 'js/vendor/module.min'
}, ['js/vendor/main.js'], function(App) {
    App.add(2, 2);

But in js/vendor/module.min.js itself, there are some declarations as define(["module"]..., and they are the one that trigger the 404 error. How can I circumvent the problem ? (Sure, I can move my js/vendor/module.min to js/module.min but I want to keep my code organized ;). So is it necessary to change define(["module"]... into define(["vendor/module"]... ?

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this syntax of putting the paths config in the require call itself is foreign to me. Generally you call require.config once with paths, baseUrl etc and then it works for all future require() and define() calls. Have you tried that approach? Apart from that, I'm not clear on what you're asking. –  explunit Aug 7 '13 at 12:58
@explunit, thnaks, I found my problem, see my answer –  Newben Aug 7 '13 at 13:24

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In fact, the problem was here

paths: {
        upload: 'js/vendor/module.min'

because of declaration define(["module"] in js/vendor/module.min.js suppose I can't rename the path as uplaod, it is expecting this

paths: {
            module: 'js/vendor/module.min'
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