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I have an ArrayCollection with values predefined. I want to assign a new value to items in the arrayCollection but can not figure out how. Basically I want to do something like this: acGuages.itemUpdated(0).thevalue = 90; (Changing the value from 25 to 90). Thanks.

    private var arrayGuages:Array=[

    public var acGuages:ArrayCollection=new ArrayCollection(arrayGuages);

    acGuages.itemUpdated(0).thevalue = 90;
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ArrayCollection supports random access to its elements, just like Array. In other words, your line:

acGuages.itemUpdated(0).thevalue = 90;

Can be rewritten as:

acGuages[0].thevalue = 90;

And it should all work as expected.

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Great, thanks. I also updated it so it was being set in an initialize function. public function int():void { acGuages[0].thevalue = 90; acGuages.refresh(); } –  leif Nov 27 '09 at 18:47
Glad it worked :) FYI, you probably don't need the call to refresh() in your init function. If memory serves me correctly, refresh() is only needed if you're applying a filter or a sort. –  Dan Nov 27 '09 at 18:58

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