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I’m having trouble displaying the errors of my form containing multiple objects of the class, in my case ProductMilestone. Basically I’m showing a form with all the milestones in a table, displaying and updating works very well. As soon as I get an error my template can’t be displayed anymore with an error "[IllegalStateException: No value]". This is because an erroneous form doesn’t contain the values that are received from the Form.get() Method, in my case it’s the MilestoneSet. What can I do to make this work with the errors displayed?

The problem is the for-loop in the view:


@(milestoneFormSet: Form[ProductMilestone.MilestoneSet], productReleaseId: Long)
    @*Function called by the for loop in the form just below*@
    @milestoneFields(milestone: ProductMilestone, index: Integer) = {
        //…other fields
        @inputText(milestoneFormSet("milestoneList[" + index + "].initialDate"),  '_label -> "",'class -> "datepicker")   

@form(routes.ProductMilestones.submitEdit(productReleaseId), 'id -> "submitMilestoneEditForm") {   

    @*Here is the problem, when the form has an error I can not access milestoneList using get in the for loop*@
    @for((milestone, index) <- milestoneFormSet.get.milestoneList.zipWithIndex) {
        @milestoneFields(milestone, index)    



public static Result submitEdit(Long productReleaseId) {
  Form<MilestoneSet> filledForm = form(MilestoneSet.class).bindFromRequest();
  if (filledForm.hasErrors()) {       
    return badRequest(views.html.milestonesEdit.render(filledForm,
  } else {
    MilestoneSet newMilestoneSet = filledForm.get();
    //...update code
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The get method trigger the validation so you can't use it in the view, you can pass the set to view with another variable.

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Thanks that helped, I just used a different variable to iterate through the fields. But I think there has to be a better way to do this, because errors are still not displayed properly. As soon as I have a good solution I will update my quest. – Jan P Aug 26 '13 at 16:50

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