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I have a table that carries out some AJAX actions, an returns an error if one is encountered.

I'm using JS to insert this error (which is a string), but because the string has HTML tags in it, it's being appended at the end of the JS element where I wish it to be inserted, as opposed to in the middle.

var debug_error = '<span class="debug-message hidden">'+table_obj.debug_string+'</span>',
    row =         $(id+' .row-debug'); // id is definded


For example, if debug_string was <h3>Error</h3><p>Please define an email address</p>, my results are -

<span class="debug-message hidden"> </span>
<p>Please define an email address</p>

Yet if I remove the HTML tags, an use just ErrorPlease define an email address, it works as expected -

<span class="debug-message hidden">ErrorPlease define an email address</span>

Does any body know why this is happening? Thanks.

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It's illegal to put a H3 in a span element. –  Denys Séguret Aug 7 '13 at 11:36

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The problem is because it's not valid to put a block level element, such as h3, inside an inline element, such as span. Make the span into a div and it should work:

var debug_error = '<div class="debug-message hidden">' + table_obj.debug_string + '</div >',
    row = $(id + ' .row-debug'); // id is definded    

If needed, you can make the div appear inline (and thus behave like the span did) using CSS:

.debug-message {
    display: inline;
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Thanks, I'll give that a shot. –  David Gard Aug 7 '13 at 13:04
Bingo, that did the job. Thanks for sharing the knowledge. –  David Gard Aug 7 '13 at 15:51

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