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We are using "TTTAttributedLabel" for displaying labels. For calculating the correct rectangle size, we use NSString's "sizeWithFont" method, with a "constrainedToSize" the width of the field.
The calculation is fine, unless there are some Emoji symbols in the text, and the text is multi line (for example: smiley-newLine-smiley). In that case, the returned size is too small (vertically), and the last line is not shown. If the text does not contain any Emoji (e.g. X-newLine-X) - the size is correct.
Our font is "HelveticaNeue" size:16.25, in case is makes any difference.
Is there a better way to calculate the needed size, so that it will work with Emoji as well?

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Did you ever find a solution for this? – Brad Moore Nov 10 '14 at 3:51

I had a same situation when making auto-height label according to the contents of the label. Everything seems fine, except when there are emojis in label content.

It was because I did't use the correct setText method for AttributedString.

[label setText:text afterInheritingLabelAttributesAndConfiguringWithBlock:^ 
    return mutableAttributedString;

This is the correct way to set AttributedString, but what I did is

[label setAttributedText:text];

So it was getting wrong label heights when it includes emojis in it.

I solved this problem by changing this set method with the correct one as described in Github manual.

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This should be marked at the right answer. – aeskreis Mar 21 at 19:36

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