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I have one application on elastic beanstalk and cron jobs for it.

The code of setting cron is

    command: "echo '*/5 * * * * wget -O - -q -t 1 http://site.com/cronscript/' | crontab"
  leader_only: true

This script calls the mail sender. And I'm receive two message per time.

code of http://site.com/cronscript/ looks like (php code)

$ses = new SimpleEmailService(EMAIL_SHORTKEY, EMAIL_LONGKEY);
$m = new SimpleEmailServiceMessage();
$m->setSubject('test message');
$m->setMessageFromString('', 'message content');

When I call http://site.com/cronscript/ from browser's address bar, I receive one message as I want.

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I believe what's happening is that first time you deploy your app, AutoScaling picks one instance to be a leader and new cron job is created on that instance. Next time you deploy your app, AutoScaling picks another instance to be a leader. So you end up with the same cron job on two instances.

So the basic test would be to ssh to all instances and check their crontab contents with crontab -l

You can avoid duplicate cron jobs by removing old cron jobs on the instance regardless whether it is a leader or not.

    command: "crontab -r || exit 0"
    command: "echo '*/5 * * * * wget -O - -q -t 1 http://example.com/cronscript/' | crontab"
    leader_only: true

As mentioned in Running Cron In Elastic Beanstalk Auto-Scaling Environment: || exit 0 is mandatory because if there is no crontab in the machine the crontab -r command will return a status code > 0 (an error). Elastic Beanstalk stop the deploy process if one of the container_commands fail.

Although I personally never experienced a situation when crontab was not found on Elastic Beanstalk Instance.

You can run /opt/elasticbeanstalk/bin/leader-test.sh to test whether it is a leader instance or not.

Hope it helps.

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