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I try to figure out how i can copy all dependencies to a explicite version and all the required dependencies.

For Example: My project requieres Version 3 of a third party lib, called foobar. I want to copy the version 3 libraries to a folder named lib-foobar-${foobar.version}. In this folder are those jars which are required to use foobar in version 3. That means the jar itself and all dependent jars which are declared in the foobar pom.

I currently use the org.codehaus.mojo:maven-dependency-plugin:2.1 with goal copy-dependencies in phase package. My configuration is


I don't want to list all allowed and not allowed lib's because a step to a newer version takes place every month.

Are there any other tools which can do that or is there any dodge for that? Thanks for reply!

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You could try the maven-assembly-plugin. – user944849 Aug 9 '13 at 15:48
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Big thanks to user944849.

It was very helpful to me for finding out the best solution in that case.

For everyone who is interested in my solution, here it comes:

At first I changed the plugin to maven-assemby-plugin and added a new assembly file


And the assembly file looks like:



The key was the <useTransitiveFiltering> element, which resolves all transitive libs based on the included libs.

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