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I'm using Bitnami MAMP Stack on OSX and would like to clear the tmp directory whenever I start the Apache Web Server.

So basically I need to know where to add the following command, or a script containing the command rm -rf ~/Library/Containers/com.bitnami.mampstack/Data/app/php/tmp.


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Just look inside your MAMP program folder. There is ./bin/start.sh Just add you line to this. Or to startApache.sh if you want to execute only with Apache restarts.

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Thanks for the quick answer, but I can't find those files. I first tried cd /Applications/MampStack.app/ and find . -name start* then to make sure I didn't misunderstand you I went to cd ~/Library/Containers/com.bitnami.mampstack/ and executed the find command again. Hmmm... I'm actually using the Bitnami MAMP Stack - bitnami.com/stack/mamp so maybe that's different? Didn't think about that before. :-) –  zabbarob Aug 7 '13 at 13:30

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