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I have this script

function get_reverse_dns($Ip)
    $result = exec("nslookup -n ".escapeshellarg($Ip)." | grep 'name = '");
    if(strpos($result,"name =") === false)
        return "NO REVERSE";
        $result = trim($result);
        $ExplodedResult = explode("name =",$result);
        $ExplodedResult[1] = trim($ExplodedResult[1]);
        $ReverseDns = trim($ExplodedResult[1],".");
        return $ReverseDns;

that gives me the reverse dns, now the problem is that sometimes, an IP can have a really long delay, and i want that this script to check it the IP can be "looked up", and if 5 seconds passed and this is not happening, then return false

How can i make that?

I have tried in linux

nslookup --timeout 5 | grep 'name = '
timeout 5 nslookup | grep 'name = '


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I would use dig: dig -x ${ip} +time=5 +tries=1 +retry=0 +short

This command will only return the IP address so it will simplify your parsing bit.

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gives me error dig -x ${""} +time=5 +tries=1 +retry=0 +short -bash: ${""}: bad substitution – Damian Aug 7 '13 at 13:24
${} is a way to call a variable. Take off the "${ }" if you are going to put the IP address in directly. dig -x +time=5 +tries=1 +retry=0 +short – dtorgo Aug 7 '13 at 13:25
It is working fine and well. Thank you! :) – Damian Aug 7 '13 at 13:46

You want to check man nslookup that will give you that the command should be:

nslookup -timeout 5 | grep 'name = '

You have one too many -'s

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i see that, i know, but if i put any IP there, freezes and do not do anything ..., not even good ips that were looked up in 1 second ... – Damian Aug 7 '13 at 13:26

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