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I'm making a Flash app in Flash 10 and ActionScript 2.0 and need support for calling an EXE with some params and minimizing/close the application.

Neither Adobe AIR nor Zinc don't seem to support some code I made and I'm looking for a very simple alternative? Does anyone know about any?

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I'm the project owner of HIppoHX, an Open Source alternative to AIR based on haXe and SWHX that does what you need (plus it's fully extensible). The project is a little bit on hold, to be honest, but maybe the biggest hurdle is redistributing the flash player. Be sure to read Flash player redistribution on the Wiki.


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We've been toying with mProjector. While it feels like a work in progress, it seems pretty lightweight, very straight-forward from an actionscript perspective, and if you use multiple windows a new stage is used for each window/swf -- a few singletons or poorly written event listeners won't matter as much as they would for a similar app built in air... my 2p.

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Does AIR 2.0 help


You can open document files in the application the user has set up as the default opening application. Launching executables or script files is not permitted unless the application is packaged in a native installer.

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It seems it doesn't have support for AS2.0 neither. –  victor hugo Dec 28 '09 at 18:18

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