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I'm googling this even still, but about all I'm finding when I include the phrase "open graph" is lots and lots of stories from a user perspective.

Here's the scenario I'm curious about, my work is looking at maintaining a list of businesses. We have a verified list already, but as far as maintaining these, we're still not sure how we'd want to go about it. I've done some work in the past interacting with facebooks open graph api and really loved the ability to pull so much data and suggested that may be possible.

Now looking back, I am not sure if I've ever heard anyone blocked from scraping info. We're not looking to copy all of facebook, but we do live in a major metropolitian area, and we're probably want to run a cron at least weekly that could query the businesses in our DB to get their info and update as necessary.

Now before it's said, I do understand that all the connections between our data and facebook listings would need to be made, that isn't a concern, but would facebook block our access if they felt like we were pulling too much data?

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