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I have a problem when debugging Fortran using Eclipse (I use the gfortran compiler). I can't set breakpoints, or, more precisely, only "parallel breakpoints" type is available (the green ones). Then when I start debugging, all the program is executed (whereas I want it to stop, of course, whenever a breakpoint is hit). I'm used to programming in Matlab but have recently started learning Fortran, as it is much faster; however I got crazy with this debugging issue (Matlab is a LOT easier to debug; just doble-click to set the breakpoint and then press F5, or F11 if you want to step in).

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It is most likely a bug in the IDE, see Bug 384187. Are you using the latest Photran version? At How do I set breakpoints using the Photran IDE in Eclipse? it is claimed that this bug has already been fixed.

If everything works properly (which it should), debugging in Eclipse is just as easy as it is in Matlab.

Fortran has a long history in numerical computations that is why we have such a vast amount of legacy Fortran code. However, if I started learning a new programming language I would either learn C or C++.

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