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I'm trying to remove a Silverlight Out Of Browser app programatically passing the arguments to sllauncher in following this post: However it won't uninstall the app when given the origin.

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It turns out that when you have an automatically updating Out-Of-Browser application, Silverlight stamps each application Uri with a time stamp that can be found in the application's folder in the C:\Users\Trevor\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Silverlight\OutOfBrowser(AppFolderName) metadata file. So to facilitate the removal of our app in preparation for our new one, I implemented the following:

UninstallExisting(GetInstalledAppUri()); // This is how it's called
//This is the two method's implementation

// TODO: Change to your app name.    
const string appName = "YourAppNameHere";

static string silverlightOutOfBrowserFolder = 
    + @"\Microsoft\Silverlight\OutOfBrowser";

private static string GetInstalledAppUri()
        string xapFolderPath = Path.Combine(silverlightOutOfBrowserFolder, GetXapFolder());
        string[] lines = File.ReadAllLines(Path.Combine(xapFolderPath, "metadata"), Encoding.Unicode);
        string finalAppUriLine = lines.First(i => i.Contains("FinalAppUri="));
        return "\"" + finalAppUriLine.Replace("FinalAppUri=", "") + "\"";

    private static string GetXapFolder()
        string AppXapFolder = "";
        foreach (var dir in Directory.GetDirectories(silverlightOutOfBrowserFolder))
            if (dir.Contains(appName))
                AppXapFolder = dir;
        return AppXapFolder ;

private static string silverlightExe
            return Path.Combine(
            @"Microsoft Silverlight\sllauncher.exe");

private static void UninstallExisting(string xapUriToRemove)
        string installArgs = "/uninstall" + " /origin:" + xapUriToRemove;
        ProcessStartInfo pstart = new ProcessStartInfo(silverlightExe, installArgs);
        Process p = new Process();
        pstart.UseShellExecute = false;
        p.StartInfo = pstart;

I hope this serves to save someone else the hours of time it took me to figure out about the metadata file and all the peculiarities of sllauncher.exe

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+1 for answering your own question :) – Rand Random Aug 7 '13 at 14:56

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