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How many records can NDEF message encapsulate? (for different NFC tag types - 1,2,3,4?)

And in general I understand it right? :

I can have one NFC message, which is basically an array(of what capacity?) of NFC records. Each NFC record has its own MIME-type, which facilitates application recognition

<data android:mimeType="specific application MIME-type goes here"/>

so I can launch different applications even if I use just one tag.

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ie on one tap i can load 2+ applications easily or perform 2+ actions? – tania Aug 7 '13 at 15:07

The number of records in a NDEF message is limited by the memory of the tag. There is no difference in that for the various tag types.

When you tap a tag with the phone, the whole NDEF message is delivered to one app. Anything else you would need to program yourself after you received the message.

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