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What powershell command do I run to see what Yeoman generators I have installed? I'm assuming it's a npm command, but I have no idea since I'm new to CLI.

the yo command

This is what I'm seeing when I enter "yo" into the command line. I'm on version 1.0.0-rc.1.3.

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you should be able to use yo -h in 1.0.0-rc.1.3 and it will list your installed generators along with their generator tasks they provide.

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Just running yo should list your installed generators, and allow you to run them.

enter image description here

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I've tried this but I'm only given three options: 1.Install a generator 2. Find some help 3. Get me out of here! –  Developer Dandy Aug 7 '13 at 19:09
I've updated the question with what I'm seeing in the command line. I thought i was in an older version of Yeoman but I'm running v1.0. I have looked everywhere and I can't find anyone with the same issue. –  Developer Dandy Aug 16 '13 at 19:12
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