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How to set the current working directory in Python?

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Try os.chdir


        Change the current working directory to path. Availability: Unix, Windows.

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Can you give me an example of format of the path? I am using os x; when I am trying to set a path I am getting an error - >>> import os >>> os.chdir(Users/Me/Desktop/M/PTS/Python/ File "<stdin>", line 1 os.chdir(/Users/Me/Desktop/M/PTS/Python/ ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax >>> – Pooja25 Nov 4 '15 at 20:48
@Pooja25 The path must be a string. in addition, chdir expects a directory name, but you are specifying a file. – Jan 14 at 1:25
I usually use os.getcwd() first, and that shows me the format of the accepted input for os.chdir(). – Rani Kheir Apr 21 at 9:22

Perhaps this is what you are looking for:

import os
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import os;
print os.getcwd(); # Prints the working directory

To set the working directory:

os.chdir('c:\\Users\uname\desktop\python') # Provide the path here
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–1: This answer is not useful — because it was already posted six years ago. – jwodder Jan 24 at 3:47

You need to import the os module and then you can use the chdir() method, but don't forget to use the quotations ('') inside the parenthesis:

import os

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This was answered correctly 6 years before you answered it. In the above answers path (or default_path) is a variable, not a string. – sage88 Jan 13 at 4:12

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