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I need to somehow "return" variable from custom subclass of Chef::Provider::Package back to the recipe it is called from, so I can use this variable later in the same recipe.

I tried to add custom Chef::Resource::Package subclass attribute and appropriate setter/getter wrapper with set_or_return function. I can successfully write and read this attribute from my Chef::Provider::Package subclass, but when I try to access this attribute from recipe all I see is nil value. This can be illustrated with the following recipe:

a = apt_package "bzip2" do
  action :install

# this won't work, a.version would be nil
log "bzip package version is #{a.version}"

However, I can see in lib/chef/provider/package/apt.rb that @current_resource.version is being set:


What is the right way of reading arbitrary attribute (version in this example) of Chef::Resource::AptPackage instance, created by apt_package provider from the same recipe?

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maybe something like::

a = apt_package "bzip2" do
          action :install

      ruby_block "Init logger" do
        block do
          logger= resources("log[printing version]")
          logger.message a.version

      log "printing version" do
        message ""
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