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I have some data files that are directory-sensitive. How do I add them to my .app bundle?

None of the documentation given by py2app says how to specifically do this. However, after looking around the Internet, I found that one can use tuples to add resources in a specific directory structure. I'm assuming the order is (directoryInResourceFolder, pathToFile).

When I tried that, I get the following error:

error: No such file or directory: m

I don't know why it would be saying that, because none of my tuples are just m. Here is the list of tuples that I generated:

[('src/math_patterns', 'math_patterns/_BordersSlashes.txt'), ('src/math_patterns', 'math_patterns/_codes.txt'), ('src/math_patterns', 'math_patterns/_Dollars.txt'), ('src/math_patterns', 'math_patterns/_Fences.txt'), ('src/math_patterns', 'math_patterns/_Final.txt'), ('src/math_patterns', 'math_patterns/_Fractions.txt'), ('src/math_patterns', 'math_patterns/_FunctionsLimits.txt'), ('src/math_patterns', 'math_patterns/_Integrals.txt'), ('src/math_patterns', 'math_patterns/_Numbers.txt'), ('src/math_patterns', 'math_patterns/_PowersPrimes.txt'), ('src/math_patterns', 'math_patterns/_SoftFractions.txt'), ('src/math_patterns', 'math_patterns/_test.txt'), ('src/math_patterns', 'math_patterns/_Trig.txt'), ('src/math_patterns', 'math_patterns/_Unicodes.txt'), ('src/math_patterns', 'math_patterns/_Vocab.txt'), ('src/math_patterns', 'math_patterns/Calculus.txt'), ('src/math_patterns', 'math_patterns/General.txt'), ('src/math_patterns', 'math_patterns/Geometry and Trigonometry.txt'), ('src/math_patterns', 'math_patterns/Linear Algebra.txt'), ('src/math_patterns', 'math_patterns/Logic.txt'), ('src/math_patterns', 'math_patterns/Statistics.txt')]

Here is the setup.py I'm using:

from setuptools import setup
import os

APP = ['main.py']

# Prepare all of the resources that I would need

p = 'math_patterns'
files = []
for f in os.listdir(p):
    fullPath = os.path.join(p, f)
    if os.path.isfile(fullPath):
        files.append(('src/math_patterns', fullPath))

PACKAGES = ['lxml']

INCLUDES = ['sip']

OPTIONS = {'argv_emulation': True,
           'packages': PACKAGES,
           'includes': INCLUDES,
           'resources': RESOURCES}

    options={'py2app': OPTIONS},
    setup_requires=['py2app', 'lxml', 'PIL'],

Thanks for your time in looking at this!


Using absolute paths made that particular error go away. But now it's trying to create an .apdisk in the math_patterns directory, which spits out the following error:

error:/.DocumentRevisions-V100: Permission denied
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Well, after realizing that a .app is just a directory, I ended up using a bash script to insert the files in the right places for me. Who needs py2app for that?

It's kind of silly, really.

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$ python setup.py py2app


$ python setup.py py2app -A
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