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I have a row of buttons with the only difference between them their inner text:

<a href="#contact" class="btn btn-large btn-info"  data-toggle="tab">Text1</a>
<a href="#contact" class="btn btn-large btn-info"  data-toggle="tab">text2</a>
<a href="#contact" class="btn btn-large btn-info"  data-toggle="tab">text3</a>

I want to activate a script only when the button with 'text3' is pushed . I tried the following but this works for all the buttons not just 'text3'.


//        some action here


How can I fix this?

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Can't you add a class to the link 3? –  Vega Aug 7 '13 at 16:39

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you can use :contains selector so you only bind the event handler to a specific anchor that contains that text

$('a.btn:contains(text3)').click(function(){ ...
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Thanks Guys, it worked! –  user61629 Aug 7 '13 at 16:54

Your Jquery should be



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I prefer .filter and .text over :contains

$('a.btn').filter(function () {
   return $(this).text() == 'text3'
}).click(function () {
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