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For some reason I have to write HTML::macro() to return HTML tags.

HTML::macro('myMycro', function()
  $result = '<form id="xxx">...';
  return = $result;

then I can use the HTML::myMacro() inside my blade.

{{ HTML::myMacro() }}

Is it possible to use form helper Form::open(), Form::input() to generate HTML tags inside the macro so I don't have to manually write tags???

If so, please suggest me how to do it because of my poor background in PHP and Laravel, I just simply tried

$result = Form::open('some_parameters'); 

But I didn't work, I don't know can I use form helper outside blade or not, so please advise me.


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I dont see any reason why not. This works like a charm

Form::macro('myForm', function()
    $output = Form::open(['url/to/post']);
    $output .= Form::text('firstName');
    $output .= Form::close();
        return $output;

// Then use in in regular PHP view...
echo Form::myForm();

// ... or even Blade view
{{ Form::myForm() }}
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