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I was wondering what a good project for a beginner in c but someone who knows other languages like python and c++. I'm not asking for a tutorial or instructions to set up an environment or a compiler, more like a set of requirements for or functionality.

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learning how to use getopt would be a good place to start. Here's some links: gnu.org/software/libc/manual/html_node/… ibm.com/developerworks/aix/library/au-unix-getopt.html –  Alexej Magura Aug 7 '13 at 17:23
This question is both too broad for this site and primarily based on opinion. Try searching google for ideas, or look for tutorials and try and implement the application they describe without actually following the tutorial itself, if you want to do it on your own. –  Michelle Aug 7 '13 at 17:23
Project Euler could be fun ... –  John Aug 7 '13 at 17:24
Google has plenty of ideas for this: google.com/… –  BergQuester Aug 7 '13 at 17:25
A good place to start would be to actually learn c++, because if you did know c++, you would not be asking this. Now python, that's a little bit more believable. –  Magn3s1um Aug 7 '13 at 17:31

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Here is some project ideas useful for learning C:

Guess the number game: Pick random number between 0 and 100. Prompt the user for guess. Print if the number is less than or greater than. Repeat until the correct number is guessed.

Poker hand dealer: Pick one hand of random cards. 5 cards of spades, hearts, diamonds or clubs between 2 and A.

Command line arguments: 1: Print entered command line arguments. 2: Convert amd args to string and print the string. 3: Get command line arguments with getopt.

Random generator: Write random password generator.

Convert your excisting script to C: Convert some of your excisting script to C.

File I/O: Write very simple text editor.

Game of life: Write implementation of game of life.

Network programming: Write very simple irc client or irc bot.

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Have the computer guess a number from 1 to 100 with user response correct, higher, lower.

Then implement it with functions in all the right places.

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