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I would like to know how to iterate a TypeScript enumeration and each enumerated symbol name.


enum myEnum { entry1, entry2 }

for (var entry in myEnum) { 
    // use entry's name here, e.g., "entry1"
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The code you posted will work; it will print out all the members of the enum, including the values of the enum members. For example, the following code:

enum myEnum { bar, foo }

for (var enumMember in myEnum) {
   console.log("enum member: ", enumMember);

Will print the following:

Enum member: 0
Enum member: 1
Enum member: bar
Enum member: foo

If you instead want only the member names, and not the values, you could do something like this:

for (var enumMember in myEnum) {
   var isValueProperty = parseInt(enumMember, 10) >= 0
   if (isValueProperty) {
      console.log("enum member: ", myEnum[enumMember]);

That will print out just the names:

Enum member: bar

Enum member: foo

Caveat: this slightly relies on an implementation detail: TypeScript compiles enums to a JS object with the enum values being members of the object. If TS decided to implement them different in the future, the above technique could break.

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And in fact, in current TypeScript, if you have a const enum this won't work, as const enums are inlined everywhere and no lookup object exists for them. Just something to watch out for – JKillian Sep 2 '15 at 19:43
Yes. My answer is a bit dated (2013); newer TypeScript may not behave the same. – Judah Himango Feb 5 at 16:42

Assuming you stick to the rules and only produce enums with numeric values, you can use this code. This correctly handles the case where you have a name that is coincidentally a valid number

enum Color {
    "10" // wat

var names: string[] = [];
for(var n in Color) {
    if(typeof Color[n] === 'number') names.push(n);
console.log(names); // ['Red', 'Green', 'Blue', '10']
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