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What is the best user authentication engine(system/framework) for the CodeIgniter framework in PHP? I'm new to PHP, but have huge java skills. In java I use shiro or spring security, but what should I use in PHP (especially for CodeIgniter)?

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check out my library github.com/emreakay/CodeIgniter-Aauth –  Emre Akay Oct 5 '13 at 14:23
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There are a multitude of good auth libraries available for CodeIgniter. Take a look here for a good article on a few of them. In personal experience, I rolled my own authentication which wasn't too difficult, if you have the time and wish to do so.

Also take note that EllisLab is no longer supporting CodeIgniter. If this is a new project that you are looking to maintain for the foreseeable future, I might suggest taking a look at Laravel. It has become increasingly popular, is very robust, has a great community, and has no shortage of information and tutorials around the web to learn from.

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Re: EllisLab no longer supporting CodeIgniter. It appears that they are still releasing updates and security patches. However I'm not a member of their community so I don't know the full extent and planned lifetime for that. –  UnkwnTech Sep 20 '14 at 1:09

For Authentication and codeigniter, Ion Auth is very popular, easy to use, and is actively maintained.


Codeigniter is an extremely popular framework that also runs on older php 5.2 servers. EllisLab is not abandoning codeigniter - quite the opposite they are inviting potential relationship material to the party. i would not be surprised if apple ended up buying it, would make a lot of sense since they use it internally.

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