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I`m new to codeigniter and I like to convert following MySQL queries into Codeigniter Active Record Queries.

'SELECT name, address, detail, status, startdate, FROM job_step WHERE username = '$_SESSION[username]'  and 'status'===0'

P.S- job_step table consists of several columns, but I only need few not the entire table, addition to that information should filter according to session name and status (TINYINT which has 1 and 0).

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You can write the above query as:

$this->db->select('name, address, detail, status, startdate');
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$this->db->select('name, address, detail, status, startdate')
              ->where(array('username' => $_SESSION['username'], 'status' => 0))

This will get you an object. If you want array just change last line to ->result_array();

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@user2662181 were you able to resolve this? –  Matteo T. Aug 7 '13 at 22:26
Thank you for the quick respond, there is no error in the code, but nothing is returning..! My view is like this (Im returning an array of data from the model) public function employees() { $this->load->model('show_details'); $result = $this->show_details->show_work(); $data = array(); $data['inbox'] = $this->show_details->show_work(); echo "<pre>"; print_r($data); echo "</pre>"; die();` –  user2662191 Aug 8 '13 at 8:17
you are saying that code is your view but it looks to me that it belongs to controller. Anyways, try var_dump($data['inbox']); and see if you get anything. And yeah, you should put that code in controller. –  Matteo T. Aug 8 '13 at 15:02
my bad its the controller indeed; After var_dump($data[inbox]);` I get NULL as the result and empty array like this Array([inbox] => ) –  user2662191 Aug 8 '13 at 17:19
How about var_dump($result);. I see that you are using same function show_work() twice. So try that and if it doesn't work please post the show_work() function. I'm guessing that's your model function, right? –  Matteo T. Aug 8 '13 at 17:28

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