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i've been searching a little bit on internet for a jquery plugin letting me to zoom an image.

I found many of them, doing it in several ways, my favorites are those ones that zoom the image in a separate area and not directly the original image.

ex http://i-like-robots.github.io/EasyZoom/ (one of the many)

But all these plugins seems to work directly on img tag instead i would like to zoom a div with src attribute referring to an image. (The html main structure is given so i cannot change it that much).

Do you know any plugin doing it or do you know how i could do it? (would be better if t works also ojn IE8-9, even if it's not a must) Thanks

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Use Zoomooz plugins there are free and simple to use

See Simple Zoom Demo with Zoomooz on jsfiddle

$("#zoom").click(function () {
        targetsize: 1.0,
        root: $(".container")
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Are there any Other Plugins? –  Billy Nov 6 '13 at 7:05

I think zoomooz will do what you're looking for. http://jaukia.github.io/zoomooz/

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here is a few list of jQuery plugins try it.


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Panzoom can do it as well. Give it a try.

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