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Maybe today's been a long week, but I'm starting to run in circles with trying to figure out the logic on how to solve this.

To use the classic Orders and Items example, we have a webform that tabulates the data of an EXISTING Order e.g. saved in the db.

Now this form needs the ability to add/"mark as removed" ItemIDs from an order after the order has been 'saved'. When the form is submitted, I have two arrays:

$ogList = The original ItemIDs for the OrderID in question. (ex. [123, 456, 789])

$_POST['items'] = The modifications of ItemIDs, if any (ex. [123, 789, 1240, 944])

The intent is to compare the two arrays and:

1) Add new ItemIDs (never have been related to this OrderID before)

2) Mark the date 'removed' those ItemIDs that weren't $_POSTed.

The simple approach of just removing the existing ItemIDs from the Order, and adding the $_POSTed list won't work for business reasons.

PHP's array_diff() doesn't really tell me which ones are "new".

So what's the best way to do this? It appears that I'm looking at a nested foreach() loop ala:

foreach($_POST['items'] as $posted){
   foreach($ogList as $ogItem){
      if($posted == $ogItem){
         Open to ideas here.

...with maybe conditional break(1) in there? Maybe there's a better way?

Another way to perhaps explain is to show the db records. The original in this example would be:

| itemID | dateRemoved |
|    123 |           0 |
|    456 |           0 |
|    789 |           0 |

After the POST, the ItemIDs in this OrderID would look something like:

| itemID | dateRemoved |
|    123 |           0 |
|    456 |  1368029148 |
|    789 |           0 |
|   1240 |           0 |
|    944 |           0 |

Does this make sense? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

EDIT: I found JavaScript sync two arrays (of objects) / find delta, but I'm not nearly proficient enough to translate Javascript and maps. Though it gets me almost there.

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array_diff($_POST['items'], $ogList) will tell you everything in $_POST['items'] that isn't in $ogList (new items, I think, if I understand your example). array_diff($ogList, $_POST['items']) will tell you everything in $ogList that isn't in $_POST['items') (deleted items, if I understand your example). Am I missing something in your explanation? – GreatBigBore Aug 7 '13 at 21:59
HmmmmMmm. I recognized array_diff() as a potential, but I hadn't thought about using comparing the arrays "both" ways. That might be a potential solutions. Lemme tinker with that...... it seems that this might just work! Thanks! – Andrius Ilgunas Aug 7 '13 at 22:28

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