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Iam following these steps to implement oauth in my clojure prog.

Everything is working fine to step 3 with the following code. (printlns are just for checking the return values)

(def consumer-key "0000")
(def consumer-secret "0000")

(def consumer (oauth.client/make-consumer consumer-key

(def request-token (oauth/request-token consumer "http://localhost:8080/authorize"))

(defn flickrauth []
         (def auth-url (oauth/user-approval-uri consumer
         (:oauth_token request-token)))
         (println (str auth-url "&perms=write")))

After typing the auth-url to my my browser can authorize the access with write permissions.

(defn get-access-token [oauth-token verifier]
         (println "CONSUMER: " consumer "REQ TOKEN: " oauth-token "verifier: " verifier)

In the following code i only got "oauth_problem=token_rejected, status 401". So i guess there is a problem with exchanging the request token for an access token...

(def access-token-response (oauth/access-token consumer

(println "ACCESS TOKEN RESPONSE: " access-token-response)

Short summary... I get a request token and verifier, but in access-token-response is another oauth_token used..and i don't know why.

Thanks for any help and hint!

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According to it is normal that you get a oauth_token in the access-token-response.... Where is it you get the 401? During API-accesses? Have a look at this answer to a similar question – subsub Sep 28 '13 at 11:59

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