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Using the example below, what combination of selectors could I use to get the text that contains "price"? (Assume user has clicked a radio button and the Submit button)

<table border="1" id="modal_table">

<td> <input type="radio" name='sub' value="509"/> </td>
<td> 509 </td>
<td class='price'> Price is $99 </td>


<td> <input type="radio" value="510"/> </td>
<td> 510 </td>
<td id="price"> Price is $88 </td>


<input type='button' id='idButton2' value="Submit">
  • get content of td cell that follows the checked radio button, or
  • get content of td cell identified by id=price that follows the checked radio button
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$('tr input[name=sub]:checked').parent().find('#price').html()
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Great answer! I had to change parent() to parents() to get it working. Here is the code:

<script type="text/javascript">
        $("#myButton").click(function () {
            val1 = $("td input[name='sub']:checked").parents().find('.desc').html();
            val2 = $("td input[name='sub']:checked").parents().find('.price').html();
            if (val1 == null){
                alert("Please select one value above");
            } else {
                alert(val1 + " sells for " + val2);
<table border=1>
        <td><input type='radio' name='sub' value='ABCDE'></td>
        <td class='desc'>Product ABCDE</td>
        <td class='price'>55.95</td>
        <td><input type='radio' name='sub' value='GHIFK' ></td>
        <td class='desc'>Product GHIFK</td>
        <td class='price'>34.99</td>

<input type='button' id='myButton' value="Click Me">
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