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How do I create a php script that stores and displays when an article was last edited using PHP and MySQL.

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I'm making the following assumptions:

  • You have a control panel you wrote in php that you add or update articles in
  • Your articles are in a table in your database, one to a row (I will call this your articles table)
  • You have access to phpMyAdmin or know how to add MySQL columns manually

So to make it so whenever one of your articles is added or updated it updates a timestamp, create a new column with type: TIMESTAMP, default: CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, attributes: on update CURRENT_TIMESTAMP.

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How would the code look like? – dsj Nov 28 '09 at 4:20
If you have phpMyAdmin, just go to the table and at the bottom of the page it will say Add [1] field(s)... Click [Go] on that line. Then on the next page choose the options I gave above. – Brendan Long Nov 28 '09 at 4:27

You can create a TIMESTAMP column in MySQL that will auto-update whenever it's UPDATed. Try running this SQL from the MySQL client / PHPmyadmin

CREATE TABLE articles (
 title VARCHAR(256),
 content TEXT,
 modified_date TIMESTAMP

INSERT INTO articles VALUE (1, 'my title', '<p><b>some content</b></p>', NULL);

SELECT * FROM articles;

UPDATE articles SET title='title update';

SELECT * FROM articles;

So, whenever you update an article or create a new article the timestamp value will be updated.

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