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i am building a csharp application and i would like a dropdown list of all users in my outlook global address book (the same one when i click on To: from outlook gui. is this possible to get this progrmaticall? what are the security requirements here?

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You can use the Microsoft Office API to access outlook components. Here is a note from the Microsoft site on how to do this. The security concerns are addressed here. Basically you resuse an existing outlook session, if none exists prompt the user to start outlook.

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can i run this code from a server that doesn't have an outlook client on it ? –  leora Nov 28 '09 at 5:19

Security ramifications, in addition to the Outlook dependency left me unable to use this approach, in the past. As a result, I ended up building this in the form of an LDAP query. Another plus is that, (in response to your other question) you will be able to extract contact information because this information is stored in the Active Directory.

DISCLAIMER: It has been almost five years since I have looked at this code, so I'm afraid I no longer fully understand the query. Hopefully it's enough to get you started, however.

DirectoryEntry adFolderObject = new DirectoryEntry();
DirectorySearcher adSearcher = new DirectorySearcher(adFolderObject);

adSearcher.SearchScope = SearchScope.Subtree;
adSearcher.Filter = "(& (mailnickname=*) (| (&(objectCategory=person)(objectClass=user)(!(homeMDB=*))(!(msExchHomeServerName=*)))(&(objectCategory=person)(objectClass=user)(|(homeMDB=*)(msExchHomeServerName=*))) ))";

foreach (SearchResult adObject in adSearcher.FindAll())
    Console.WriteLine("CN={0}, Path={1}", adObject.Properties["CN"][0], adObject.Path);
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