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Is there a solution for the overwriting of targets in kml? I`ve got the exact same problem than this guy here has about a year ago

How to Override target="_blank" in the kml popup

I do not want to use jQuery or anything like that. I cant find any working solution for opening links in same browser window. Ive been searching and trying for days now and everything I seem to be able to find is either the link above or about 579 almost similar solutions - and none of them works.

I could use .xml instead, but I need markers, polylines, polygones etc. etc. on the map, and therefore it is way more convenient to do this with .kml cause I can check them in google earth. Also, it won`t make any sense at all for me to implement a .xml file - or whatever - to the site; and then generate .kml files to download.

Is there anything I might have overseen, like a simple "target = "_self"" that just needs to be written somewhere that keeps these annoying new windows from popping up?

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When you say "none of them works", what do you mean? How are you viewing/opening the KML? Are you using Google Maps directly? You don't want to use jQuery, but is the Google Maps API v3 OK? –  geocodezip Aug 8 '13 at 1:28
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