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I am trying to generate enunciate documentation form a mix of classes, all JAX-RS annotated, some coded inn java, some in clojure.

I have built a maven project that simply depends on a war file containing the service classes:


I cannot get any service documentation to generate.

When running mvn enunciate:docs -X, I see my classes "Noticed":

[DEBUG] Noticed class in /.m2/repository/com/ws/scholar/0.96-SNAPSHOT/scholar-0.96-SNAPSHOT.war.

Can anyone offer guidance or corrections to my configuration?

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Unfortunately, you can't just add a war as a dependency and have the classes therein get picked up on the classpath. A war isn't a jar.

Instead, you'll probably need to use the attachClasses parameter of the maven-war-plugin to export your classes as a jar in addition to the war. Then you can depend on that jar like this:

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