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class db
    function connect()
        $lines    = file('secret');
        $uid      = trim($lines[0]);
        $pw       = trim($lines[1]);
        $dbserver = trim($lines[2]);
        $dbname   = trim($lines[3]);

        $link = mysqli_connect($dbserver, $uid, $pw, $dbname) or die('Could not connect: ' . mysqli_error());
        return $link;
    function query($sql)
        $result = mysqli_query($this->connect(), $sql) or die('query failed' . mysqli_error());
        return $result;
    function close()

//Can anyone switch these code to contain private members? //I tried many things but it fails everytime

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Private class properties can be set using private keyword.

More info: PHP Manual: Visibility

For example:

 * Define MyClass
class MyClass
    public $public = 'Public';
    protected $protected = 'Protected';
    private $private = 'Private';

    function printHello()
        echo $this->public;
        echo $this->protected;
        echo $this->private;

$obj = new MyClass();
echo $obj->public; // Works
echo $obj->protected; // Fatal Error
echo $obj->private; // Fatal Error
$obj->printHello(); // Shows Public, Protected and Private
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