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I have set up my own instance of dbpedia on an amazon ec2 instance:

I had written code that access dbpedia like so:

annotations = spotlight.annotate('', document, confidence=0.4, support=20)

where "document" is some string. How do I take what I have down previously and use it on my own instance?? I have tried to replace


with, but this is incorrect. Any assistance would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Thank you!

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If you are using a command line like

java -jar dbpedia-spotlight.jar /data/spotlight/en/model_en http://[your_amazon_server]:2222/rest

the service is available at http://[your_amazon_server]:2222/rest/annotate.

(notice the port number 2222) Also, make sure there is no firewall blocking that port (AWS: SecurityGroups -> Inbound).

We have more information at

All the best,

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