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I have been trying to get a listview inside of SherlockListFragment for about a week (total of like 12 hours) and I can't figure it out. I'm out of options here. So, I have three tabs, which all need to have listviews, with images. I managed to get the listviews working, but I just cannot seem to find a way to add images. I am a HUGE beginner at this as well.

Here is one of the three tab classes that extend SherlockListFragment:

      public void onActivityCreated(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        String[] commands  = this.getResources().getStringArray(R.array.currentmobs_selections);
        ArrayAdapter<String> adapter = new ArrayAdapter<String>(getActivity(),
            R.layout.main_list_item, commands);

Now I did make a custom array for the listview in attempt to get it working, but I didn't even know how to implement the custom array adapter into the code. If anyone knows any way to get a image/text listview inside of a ListFragment I'd be soooo happy. Thanks!!

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You need to use a Custom adapter instead of an array adapter.

Good tutorial here:

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Is there any other way to do it instead of using a Custom ListAdapter? – user1798956 Aug 8 '13 at 4:17
No there isn't. Give that tutorial a go it's very easy to follow. – nedaRM Aug 8 '13 at 4:18
Well are you sure this exact code from the tutorial would work with a class that extends SherlockListFragment? Because a lot of other ListView tutorials didn't work with it. – user1798956 Aug 8 '13 at 4:21
It should be fine. Give it a go and if you run into any issues let me know. – nedaRM Aug 8 '13 at 4:32
Okay I'll give it a go – user1798956 Aug 8 '13 at 4:35

Use if listview holds only one string

ListAdapter listAdapter = 
     new ArrayAdapter<String>(getActivity(), 
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