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I want to use two plugins at the same time.They work perfect individually.But when I use them both at the same time , one does not work but another works or vice versa.

I have already read these links :

Cannot start activity on Android through Unity

but It still crashes.Giving me NullPointerException : Unable to instantiate actvity component info.

I have declared activities in the AndroidManifest,But I dont know whats wrong. I am getting null pointer exception at super.Oncreate(saveInstanceState); after firing an intent.

Please help me out.I am stuck here.

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Hey! Did you manage to solve this issue of using two different plugins for Unity? – gameOne Apr 8 at 9:10
Yeah.That problem solved.Thank You. – Ashish Dhore Apr 14 at 12:31
Pls add an answer here so as to help others facing the same issue! – gameOne Apr 15 at 13:38

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