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C-h is correctly interpreted has 'help' in Carbon Emacs.app and using /usr/bin/emacs in Terminal.app. I'm sure I'm missing something simple here. Emacs describe-bindings shows c-h is rightly mapped to help. So it seems like xterm or X11 sees a c-h keypress and then sends a backspace to emacs. Can this behavior be changed?

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Check the Advanced tab of the Settings in use in the Preferences for Terminal.app.

Terminal -> Preferences-> Settings -> [settings name] -> Advanced

and ensure that Delete sends Ctrl-H setting is unchecked.

EDIT: Sorry, I misread your question. This answer might be helpful for someone who is having trouble using /usr/bin/emacs under Terminal.app, a problem you don't have.

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This may help, or befuddle, depending on your point of view. Scroll down to about 5.4 and start there...


...and welcome to the life long hobby of fiddling with your .emacs :)

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Doesn't seem to matter what goes into .emacs. Both the delete key and c-h chord produce the same key value ^?. This is the test: In emacs try this c-q c-h and c-q DEL. Emacs in an xterm on a mac produces ^? both times. Emacs in Terminal.app produces ^H and ^? respectively. What I can't figure out is why emacs in an xterm treats c-h as ^? by default. –  stac Nov 28 '09 at 15:35
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Found the solution here: http://www.ibb.net/~anne/keyboard/keyboard.html#Xterm

Apply palm, with force, to forehead.

Many thanks to those that responded.

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Could you elaborate on what you did exactly to solve your problem? Your link did not help solve the same problem. Thanks! –  Pedro Silva Jan 17 '11 at 7:37
The snippet at the top of the linked page worked perfectly. –  thatmiddleway Sep 9 '14 at 15:03

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