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I need to replace multiple (150+) config.php files on live server that contain string




can someone give me an example of SSH string replace please.

if you can give me an example of replacing ONE and replacing multiple please . thank you!

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Use sed. This has not specific to ssh, which is just a way to login to a remote server.

sed -i.bak 's|public_html/home2/cpaneluser|public_html/home/cpaneluser|' file1 file2 ...

You say there are 150+ files. You can use find to find them and pass them to the command:

find <topdir> -name config.php -exec sed -i.bak 's|public_html/home2/cpaneluser|public_html/home/cpaneluser|' {} +
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thank you much , do you mind updating the first one so I can test, the first file I want to test is /public_html/home/cpaneluser/test/config.php. thank you –  Benn Aug 8 '13 at 7:13

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