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I want to choose ATK (http://agiletoolkit.org) as my framework for easily build the admin part, I have 2 questions.

  1. In their site, I see that the last blog post was a year a go.
    Is this project continuing?

  2. Should I use this framework in the site AND the admin? I am a bit confused about using it in the site side? Or maybe I should use another framework (which will create an overhead)..

I am a developer that is coming from JAVA and .net mostly.
I am a freak of service reuse because I have an experience on a large scale projects.
I see that ATK4 is not a classic REST based.

Lets examine this situation if I may:
Just as an example, I have a registration form that has a very complex logic in pre-insert and post-insert.
So it means that I need to create a REST api for registration (with all the complex pre-post logic).
BUT! the crud operation will not be arware for this complex logic in it, so I am creating some sort of a pit-fall when I cant re-use CRUD operation from the site and vice versa.
I am use to create single service that is suitable with admin CRUD and site operation, this way you wont have duplicate invocations, and each operation is aware to the permissions you have.


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Site is now in the process of complete rewrite. Their blog never was active enough.

BUT this project is very alive and very active. For all news you should check these resources:

You can use ATK4 for whatever type of site you want. I guess it better suits for admin (backoffice) side, but can be used equally well in frontend too. It's just - learning curve can sometimes be not so short. On the other hand - when you get used to ATK4 style of coding, then it definitely sucks you in :))

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Thanks for the answer. I have edit my question, can you please have a look at the EDIT section? thanks –  yos mishan Aug 9 '13 at 3:21
I guess I'll not be the pest person to answer your Edit part. I hope Romans (developer of ATK) will have time to answer this. At least I'll let him know when I next time see him online in IRC or somewhere else. –  DarkSide Aug 9 '13 at 14:37

This is not supposed to go live for few more weeks, but the draft blog post over here explains the situation and what new things are coming out:


Answer to your Edit section

  • Agile Toolkit is good for both frontend and admin. The 4.2 branch was a little weak with the front-ends but 4.3 has addressed the issue with Agile CSS.
  • I'm working on new things mostly myself, so it takes a while to complete, but I'm getting there.
  • Agile Toolkit 4.3 has a REST API suport.

CRUD in Agile Toolkit is based on Form and Grid component. I've noticed that many developers try to use CRUD where it does not need to be used. In your case it sounds like just using Form for your registration would be sufficient.

If you wish to use REST and send data from the UI to your back-end (can be agile toolkit or anything else), you can use Model with REST Data Controller.

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